Wednesday, 20 July 2011

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You wait, blind folded and tied to your four-posted bed, shivering slightly with anticipation at the thought of what they had planned for the evening. The faint breeze raises goosbumps, making every inch of your tingle. Hearing footsteps approach, you inhale sharply and feel your heart rate begin to speed up. The weight shifts on the bed and you rock back and forwards as two people sit on either side of you. Cool hands gently stroke up your legs and chest and you whimper softly, you hear a chuckle and the sets of hands start zoning in on your most sensitive areas. You whimper then groan as one set of hands tweak your nipples as the other, working in small circles, get closer and closer to your now very hard cock. Your whole body aches for more, straining against your bonds, trying to manoeuvre yourself so that you get the relief you so badly need. Suddenly the hands are removed. Your mind screams. Then you feel the bed shift again as the woman sitting near your shoulder moves to where the other is sitting near your legs. You feel long hair brush your throbbing cock and hot breath on your thighs which makes every hair on your body stand on end. Nothing happens for what feels like and age, then the wondrous feeling of a tongue working its way up your inner thigh sends your mind blank. Another tongue works its way up your other thigh. Finally they reach your cock, which at this point is pouring pre-cum and twitching uncontrollably. Light kisses and licks send your mind blank, the only thought in your mind now is that of release. Every inch of your cock is shown attention, on tongue and mouth teasing the very tip of your cock and the other paying attention to the base and your balls. Suddenly the mouth that is at your tip engulfs you. You have no idea how you didn't cum instantly and your groan. Your whole body is consumed with the most incredible sensations. Some how you manage to whimper that you are about to cum. The mouth that has you engulfed doubles its efforts. You feel yourself reach the point of no finally get the release you have desired and you explode! After your body finishes twitching you feel a hand reach up and remove your blindfold. You open your eyes to see two beautiful woman kissing, sharing your cum between them. The look down at your and say, 'we will let you sleep, you need to regain your strength for round two'.

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