Wednesday, 20 July 2011

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You wait, blind folded and tied to your four-posted bed, shivering slightly with anticipation at the thought of what they had planned for the evening. The faint breeze raises goosbumps, making every inch of your tingle. Hearing footsteps approach, you inhale sharply and feel your heart rate begin to speed up. The weight shifts on the bed and you rock back and forwards as two people sit on either side of you. Cool hands gently stroke up your legs and chest and you whimper softly, you hear a chuckle and the sets of hands start zoning in on your most sensitive areas. You whimper then groan as one set of hands tweak your nipples as the other, working in small circles, get closer and closer to your now very hard cock. Your whole body aches for more, straining against your bonds, trying to manoeuvre yourself so that you get the relief you so badly need. Suddenly the hands are removed. Your mind screams. Then you feel the bed shift again as the woman sitting near your shoulder moves to where the other is sitting near your legs. You feel long hair brush your throbbing cock and hot breath on your thighs which makes every hair on your body stand on end. Nothing happens for what feels like and age, then the wondrous feeling of a tongue working its way up your inner thigh sends your mind blank. Another tongue works its way up your other thigh. Finally they reach your cock, which at this point is pouring pre-cum and twitching uncontrollably. Light kisses and licks send your mind blank, the only thought in your mind now is that of release. Every inch of your cock is shown attention, on tongue and mouth teasing the very tip of your cock and the other paying attention to the base and your balls. Suddenly the mouth that is at your tip engulfs you. You have no idea how you didn't cum instantly and your groan. Your whole body is consumed with the most incredible sensations. Some how you manage to whimper that you are about to cum. The mouth that has you engulfed doubles its efforts. You feel yourself reach the point of no finally get the release you have desired and you explode! After your body finishes twitching you feel a hand reach up and remove your blindfold. You open your eyes to see two beautiful woman kissing, sharing your cum between them. The look down at your and say, 'we will let you sleep, you need to regain your strength for round two'.

Wanton Wednesday - Through the Looking Glass

This is a quick WW pic, had a lovely relaxing shower so I thought I might share some afterwards photos, hope you enjoy!

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Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Just found an old notebook full of some poetry I wrote years go. Thought I might post some of the good ones!

Alone. Is this all I can feel? THought of you race though my head, memories of love and tenderness fade into reality.
Alone. I ache for your touch, its almost too much for me to bare.
Alone. The pain of seperation, turns to desperation at the distance that keeps us this way.
Alone. Overflowing love will keep this flame alive, then, memories turn into realities and I will be with you once more.
-- 2004

Night at Norfolk Island

Wind whistles through the tall pines which stand on guard, watching my every move. Their arms reach out to scratch my window, trying desperately to get in.
In the distance I can hear the white ocean pound against the jagged cliffs; rain comes in blankets, drowning out all else, then fading to reveal the wind. O how it moans, seeming to speak secrets, carrying ancient voices that cry out, trying to tell me the stories of their tortured sould, wanting to be heard above the oceans roar.

Forever yours
Bound together
Sharing truths
Sharing lives

I wish that you were
With me always
My true love
One and only

Forever yours
Bound together
Sharing truths
Sharing lives

Lying here on the bed, walls closing in.
    Heart breaking. 
         Thoughts racing. 
             Darkness suffocating.
                       Never ceasing.
                                 Soon there will be nothing.
-- 2004

Forever together lying in each others arms breathing in harmony murmuring sweet nothings listening to natures noises shadows creating monsters on walls laughter stillness comforting closeness to safe arms sleep listening to his breath as the one you love falls gently caressing lovingly softly warmth slipping silently to sleep.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Once Upon A Time - Based on a True Story

Last Wednesday we spent an afternoon together, it had been so long, we were jittery with excitement! Here is a small snippet:

I lick my lips and run my hands over your arse, chuckling quietly to myself as you moan and wriggle. The sight of you on all fours in front of me makes my entire body buzz with anticipation. I continue to stroke your arse and thighs, enjoying the effect my attention is having on you. Then without warning I bring my hand down on your right cheek, hard! The resulting slap noise makes me grin, you gasp then moan. I go back to stroking your arse. I repeat, until you have wonderful red hand marks covering both cheeks. 

There is now a very pleasing wet patch on the bed from your now dripping precum. I reach over and grab the rubber paddle, knowing you can't see what I'm holding or about to do I grin to myself. Then without warning I bring the paddle down hard on your arse cheek, you yelp and jump. I gentle stroke the rising welt, then bring it down on the other side. Each time I stop and gentle stroke the red patches. I repeat. Then I grab the butt plug and some lube, you squirm as you feel the cold liquid drip down your arse cheeks, then I very very slowly the tip inside you, then gently I work in the rest till it is buried deep inside you. I sit back to admire my handy work. 

And so it continued, on and on until you couldn't handle the teasing any longer... 

A Moment

Yesterday I sat down to read a new book. This was the first time in months that I had been able to do this! Since becoming a mother I have discovered that I no longer have time for myself. For the first few months this was not a problem, I didn't want to leave my little angel's side, even sitting and watching her sleep. Now over 8 months later I find myself in great need of 'me' time. Not hours, just the occasional moment to read a book or just to sit. 

Now I don't to complain too much, I absolutely adore being a mother. I just wish I could add two hours a day to indulge a little.

Well enough of this, I promise a proper blog post soon!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wanton Wednesday - Sexhausted

This was taken after a very epic session with my wonderful husband. Several hours later and I am still twitchy uncontrollably!! 

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Monday, 11 July 2011

A Declaration

I'm just going to come right out and say it. I watch and enjoy porn. Lots of porn. In fact I don't even need to be horny to watch it, just bored will do. My sister came over this evening to cook me dinner, I had to duck out to drop something to my husband's work, and when I came back she exclaimed that all I have on my computer is porn! Now to be fair this is a brand new laptop and so far the ration is very porn heavy, but still I was taken aback how shocked she was that I watched/owned porn. She even went so far as to say that porn was disgusting. To which I just shrugged, each to their own.

So I say to all
I like porn!
I find it educational, arousing, and at times hilarious!
     And I watch it regularly with my husband and by myself!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Wanton Wednesday - Boots and Bliss

Took these pics whilst celebrating the co-operation of my body!!

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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Courtship: Revised and Re-Written for the Non-Traditional

Over the last few days I have been musing on relationships traditional and non-traditional, and how courtship works when introducing a new member to a originally monogamous relationship. Does it work the same as with a single person courting another single person? Or do the rules somehow change when there are more people to take into account (obviously this is when all parties are interested in adding someone to the mix). 

I have had some experiences with multiple partners but these trysts have always been the result of excess alcohol and/or drug consumption. 

Recently my husband and I have met a lovely lady (gorgeous inside and out) who would most definitely be a very welcome occasional addition to our duo, but how things progress is beyond me. Why do I, a usually very forward and bubbly person, become so irrationally shy when the thought of making any advances towards her whilst hanging out? I have no trouble being an incorrigible flirt online with her, but in real life so far my nerves have failed me.  

Who knows what the future holds? Maybe I can steel myself and make a move next time.