Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Courtship: Revised and Re-Written for the Non-Traditional

Over the last few days I have been musing on relationships traditional and non-traditional, and how courtship works when introducing a new member to a originally monogamous relationship. Does it work the same as with a single person courting another single person? Or do the rules somehow change when there are more people to take into account (obviously this is when all parties are interested in adding someone to the mix). 

I have had some experiences with multiple partners but these trysts have always been the result of excess alcohol and/or drug consumption. 

Recently my husband and I have met a lovely lady (gorgeous inside and out) who would most definitely be a very welcome occasional addition to our duo, but how things progress is beyond me. Why do I, a usually very forward and bubbly person, become so irrationally shy when the thought of making any advances towards her whilst hanging out? I have no trouble being an incorrigible flirt online with her, but in real life so far my nerves have failed me.  

Who knows what the future holds? Maybe I can steel myself and make a move next time.

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  1. This is something I've often thought about. While, I have been invited into a one off threesome, it was between one of my best friends and then partner. I guess that was easier in the sense that my friend knew my sexual wants & needs, and felt safe with asking that. But outside of that arena, I'm not sure how I would go at approaching it.