Friday, 15 July 2011

Once Upon A Time - Based on a True Story

Last Wednesday we spent an afternoon together, it had been so long, we were jittery with excitement! Here is a small snippet:

I lick my lips and run my hands over your arse, chuckling quietly to myself as you moan and wriggle. The sight of you on all fours in front of me makes my entire body buzz with anticipation. I continue to stroke your arse and thighs, enjoying the effect my attention is having on you. Then without warning I bring my hand down on your right cheek, hard! The resulting slap noise makes me grin, you gasp then moan. I go back to stroking your arse. I repeat, until you have wonderful red hand marks covering both cheeks. 

There is now a very pleasing wet patch on the bed from your now dripping precum. I reach over and grab the rubber paddle, knowing you can't see what I'm holding or about to do I grin to myself. Then without warning I bring the paddle down hard on your arse cheek, you yelp and jump. I gentle stroke the rising welt, then bring it down on the other side. Each time I stop and gentle stroke the red patches. I repeat. Then I grab the butt plug and some lube, you squirm as you feel the cold liquid drip down your arse cheeks, then I very very slowly the tip inside you, then gently I work in the rest till it is buried deep inside you. I sit back to admire my handy work. 

And so it continued, on and on until you couldn't handle the teasing any longer... 

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