Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wanton Wednesday - learning to love flaws

After being pregnant with my darling daughter i discovered that my body would never be the same again. Much to my horror I had acquired some wonderful stretch marks all over my stomach and more curves than I'm used to or comfortable with. Now I have never really had any major body hang ups but these new stretch marks have taken some time to get used to. Finally I feel like I like my body again, even with all its flaws. Like my husband says, they are the marks of motherhood and he still finds me sexy. Thank you my love, without your compliments and encouragement I don't think I would have been able to learn to love my flaws. So without any more ado, here are my Wanton Wed pics, hope you enjoy! 

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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Wanton Wednesday - an oldy but a goody

Yes I know its Thursday! Sadly I havent gotten around to taking a new pic this week so I decided to use one of my favourite pics from my Suicide Girls application shoot. Absolutely love this pic :)

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Saturday, 18 June 2011

A day dream of bondage

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Thoughts have been racing through my mind all day. Scattered and jumbled, I sought to define and identify the root of my thoughts. And so, after a day of musing, I realised they all based themselves around the concept of bondage. Specifically myself being tied up and ravaged by my husband and a mystery woman. This was a new fantasy (and yes after identified it turned to fantasy) for me, not the being tied up part but the extra participant. The fact that it was a woman was not the confusing part, I have had several female lovers in my past, not only that but who was she and how had she invaded my mind so completely that she turned up in this fantasy!

The way she had stroked my hair in tandem with my husband had felt so tender, so intimate even without touching any other part of my body. As I day dreamed I could almost feel the ropes cutting into my writs and ankles as I strained to move closer to my tormentors was scorched into my thoughts. I felt mesmerized by the curves of her body and the muscles of his, watching her dark hair flow over her ivory skin. A knowing smile passed between them and they lent in to longingly kiss each other. I could hardly stand being unable to reach out and caress them, to explore their bodies with my tongue and to have them explore mine with theirs. Every inch of me ached for more, I didn't care if it was a gentle touch or a rough squeeze or a slap. I had to have more, I needed their hands on me! 

Sadly the fantasy never progressed further than this mind melting, toe curling, ache to be touched. Maybe I will be able to continue this fantasy next time I drift off and float away to my own little sordid, bound, tormenting day dream.

Friday, 17 June 2011

The Marks of Love

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Now personally I love the feeling of a lovers teeth sinking into various parts of my body and I wear the resulting marks with satisfaction and pride. The other day I left two very impressive, very obvious bite marks on my husbands neck. The next morning he examined them with pride and congratulated me on how impressive they were. 
              Not thinking he left for work.

Apparently his work mates were shocked that he, a married man and father, had bite marks given to him by his wife! One colleague even said he hoped they were given to him by me. This comment truly rubbed me the wrong way, even if it was meant innocently, I felt it alluded to the stereotype that married couples don't have great, wild, satisfying sex and the only conceivable way he had acquired a bite mark was from some other source. Don't get me wrong, with a young daughter it is very very hard to find enough time to indulge in a wild romp of any significant length, but still I felt angry that such a stereotype exists and is constantly enforced by the various forms of media.

So I say to all people out there that do not think married couples have wild sex that leaves the delightful marks on eachothers bodies..

Screw you, 
Yes we're married
Yes we have a daughter

Yes we have fantastic, mark leaving, mind blowing, adventurous sex!

The first of many...

Righteo here we go! 

Well this is my first attempt to really write a consistant blog. Yes there have been times in the depths of my past where I have written poetry on and at some point I had a live journal. These were not the best of times for me so now, (happy, married and with a darling daughter) I shall start afresh! 

for now I bid you adieu, but I will be back soon to post my first 'proper' blog entry!!