Saturday, 13 August 2011


Me by Me

The anticipation had been driving me crazy all day. Concentrating on work while thinking of what you had planned for me had been almost impossible. Now finally I pulled into the drive, trying to keep my composure I sit for a moment and calm my breathing, resisting the urge to touch my throbbing pussy. I curse under my breath as I recall all the snippets of information you had given me over the course of my day. I had been a good girl all day, following your instructions closely and without any deviation, well all except one. Taking another deep breath I lift my hips and wriggle, with difficulty, out of my panties and skirt. Next off comes my shirt, bra and heels, now completely naked my hand instinctively goes to the delicate silver change and padlock pendant you gave me. The cold air on my skin teases my skin and increases my arousal ten-fold. 

This was it, no turning back now, I quickly look around to make sure no neighbors were in their front yards, then open the car door. Fighting the instinct to run to the front door, I step onto the cold cement and concentrate on the door, blocking out all else. Holding my head up I put one foot in front of another and after what seems like hours I finally reach the door. Steeling myself I knock tentativeness, knowing I am not allowed to enter without permission. I wait, my heart in my mouth, willing you to answer the door quickly. I hear foot steps approach, instead of making me feel at ease this only makes me more anxious. I look down at the floor as you open the door and enter quickly, walking down the hall to my fluffy mat near our bedroom door. I kneel, sitting on my heels, and clasp my hands behind my back.

He approaches, reaching down he strokes my hair which makes me whimper softly. "Good girl" I hear him say softly, I melt, looking up with tears in my eyes I smile. "Thank you sir", I manage to say as I lean my cheek against his leg, nuzzling him gently. He turns slightly and I feel his hardness against my cheek. Tilting my head I gaze lovingly at him as I slowly run my hand up him leg to the outline of his hard cock. I raise myself and nuzzle his bulge through his trousers. Still gazing up at him I unbuckle his belt then slowly unzip his trousers, letting them fall to the floor revealing his stunning manhood standing to attention. The sight of his cock makes my breath catch in my throat, licking my lips I lean in and tentively tease the very tip of his cock with my tongue. He groans, leaning back against the door jam to steady himself, his hand instinctively grabbing a handful off my hair and guiding my mouth further onto his hard cock. I relax my throat and take all of him at once, knowing that he cant handle this for long. I hold him in my throat for as long as I can, then pull back panting. I repeat, feeling him twitch in unison with his groans. Then finally, he explodes, his cum flows down my throat. I clean him then look up, his glazed yet hungry eyes make me grin. Remembering my place I sit back on my heels and clasp my hand behind my back. The anticipation of what would happen next was making my pussy ache, juices running down my thighs. Once again I try to contain my excitement by slowing my breathing. Oh dear god this anticipation was going to kill me!

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