Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Need & Desire

Pic courtesy of tumblr 

Whilst lying in bed last night my thoughts turned to sex. Well more specifically to foreplay and teasing. Now usually I'm the kinda girl that does't need much, when I'm horny I want a cock inside me straight away with minimal teasing. Since my daughter was born it has become increasingly difficult to find any time alone with my husband, let alone having enough time to actually have any foreplay before the 'main event'. This has changed my desire for being teased, now its all I can think of! I want to be tormented until I can't take it anymore, to be denied, held down, made to writhe and wriggle, feeling the need of release building and building. To be made to beg for release.

And by teasing I mean not going straight for the obvious zones (nipples, clit, pussy etc), I need someone to find all the little spots that drive me wild wanting the other more sensitive areas to be touched, to be stroked and licked and bitten. Oh god how I need to be teased, to be driven wild with lust and want! Then, made to cum over and over again with a varying collection of toys. Still making me wait to be filled with a beautiful cock, making my body scream, wanting to feel the twitching warmth inside me...

This is what I need, what I desire.

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