Wednesday, 14 September 2011

New Toys - LELO Luna Beads!

My latest purchase from [Adultshop Australia] was LELO's Luna Pleasure Bead System. I have always liked the idea of buying some form of strengthening device for my PC muscles, so after asking all my wonderful twitter friends what they recommended I bit the bullet and bought the most expensive and most beautiful pair of orgasm balls on the website. I waited with baited breath for them to arrive the next morning (woohoo Australian Express Post!). When they arrived I was in the process of driving to my parents house so sadly I couldn't try them out instantly. Feeling cheeky I decided to try them out at my parents house. I read the instructions carefully and chose the lightest set (pink), after applying a very small amount of the included lube and a bit of a wriggle they were in place. They were comfortable but I was definitely very aware of them. Then I decided to take them for a test walk about, thats when the jiggling began. Oh my goodness it is such a delightful sensation! Trying not to giggle I wandered around the garden enjoying the sunshine and subtle jiggly feeling deep inside me. Now I have to say I didn't really think I was getting much of a workout while wearing these, I will definitely be upgrading to the heavier beads (blue) next time, I did get the odd massive clench feeling but it was definitely not what I was expecting. However after I removed them (I wore them for about an hour) my PC muscles had most definitely had a very good workout! I felt the (not unpleasant) tiredness/tightness after effects for about 30-45 mins after I had removed the beads. All in all I would most definitely recommend the splurge for these very stylish, comfortable orgasm beads.

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