Friday, 17 June 2011

The Marks of Love

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Now personally I love the feeling of a lovers teeth sinking into various parts of my body and I wear the resulting marks with satisfaction and pride. The other day I left two very impressive, very obvious bite marks on my husbands neck. The next morning he examined them with pride and congratulated me on how impressive they were. 
              Not thinking he left for work.

Apparently his work mates were shocked that he, a married man and father, had bite marks given to him by his wife! One colleague even said he hoped they were given to him by me. This comment truly rubbed me the wrong way, even if it was meant innocently, I felt it alluded to the stereotype that married couples don't have great, wild, satisfying sex and the only conceivable way he had acquired a bite mark was from some other source. Don't get me wrong, with a young daughter it is very very hard to find enough time to indulge in a wild romp of any significant length, but still I felt angry that such a stereotype exists and is constantly enforced by the various forms of media.

So I say to all people out there that do not think married couples have wild sex that leaves the delightful marks on eachothers bodies..

Screw you, 
Yes we're married
Yes we have a daughter

Yes we have fantastic, mark leaving, mind blowing, adventurous sex!

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  1. That is crazy! I don't think the fact that being married or having a child would change anything about your sex life that you didn't want it too. I too would feel annoyed by the comment!