Friday, 10 February 2012

Gamer Girl Exposed

It seems that every time I get bored the I feel the need to take pictures of myself. Its been such a long time since I felt up so posting anything I thought I should do a mini strip set of photos for your enjoyment!

Anyways here they are, featuring my current favourite top I customized with images from my current favourite video game!!

P.S. sorry about the grainy pics, bad lighting + camera phone = DODGY

I do love this top 

Just a cheeky glimpse at what is underneath

Slowly revealing a little more

This is what I get to look at everyday!


And finally exposed TIT AND NIPPLE!!!

Yes I can easily reach them with my tongue

FYI: Actually I can rub my nose with my nipples...yes I do realise I am a bit strange for knowing this little gem, I do truly random things with I get bored!


  1. Thank you (and hubs by association LOL) for making my night. :D

  2. love your breasts
    love to nibble and suck on those nipples

    wish you were on more often